One Simple (But Effective) Way For How To Crush Self-Doubt & Build Self-Confidence.

Self-doubt is something we create when we hold onto thoughts of ONLY one perspective. Create momentum and get what you want using your path of least resistance.


Today you’re going to see how to crush self-doubt  and build self-confidence with ease.

In fact:

This simple but effective method is what I’ve used in the past (and still use today) to get momentum for creating results with ease.

Let’s dive right in

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portrait of woman on boat with text overlay - how to feel confident and more secure. Banish the self-doubt. One powerful method for how to build self-confidence around any situation.

The definition of self-doubt is when you feel uncertain about yourself. It’s when you feel a lack of confidence in yourself or abilities.

Here’s the thing that seemed to come up for me as I started this inside-out journey:


Uncertainty comes when you focus on something that doesn’t yet exist.


And this most often always is when we ‘think’ about the future and the unknown.

We try to balance what we know against what don’t know and hope that we can get a result that leans in our favour.

But what you ‘think’ you know is one perspective and it is not the full picture of the situation.

It is just a THOUGHT.

Just as the future is only a thought.

It doesn’t yet exist.

Self-doubt is something that we CREATE when we hold onto to thoughts of ONLY one perspective.

And as we hold onto these thoughts, we have lots of feelings and emotions about them.

We have one perspective of the present and a different perspective on the future.

And we create so much chaos in our minds trying to align and resolve the two perspectives.

We try to do this alignment with only our logic and intellect.


But here’s what comes up for me:

Fresh thought and solutions can only occur when you allow your intellect and logic to take a break.


Certainty and confidence can only occur when you allow yourself to have a clear mind.

With that clear mind, comes your greatest resource: innate intelligence.

Others like to call it your inner guide. I call it common sense.

The presence of this resource means that you don’t need to know everything about anything.

It means you don’t need to depend on ONLY what you “think” you know.


You will KNOW what to do if you allow yourself to show up and keep moving in the direction of what you want,

…Rather than stand still and try to get certainty about the future.

Because let’s be honest,

…Uncertainty or doubt happens when we’re afraid of what may or not happen if we take certain actions with our current ability.

It means self-doubt becomes redundant when you allow yourself to be here, right now.

When you can see that thoughts you have are temporary;

And when you can look beyond them to the clear mind that is a default for us all as human beings,

…You’ll realise that Doubt is also a thought.


You ALREADY know what you need to do and you already have all you need to take that first step.

When you focus on being present at this moment, you’ll see that the steps you need to take WILL come to you.

They only seem muddled when you allow yourself to get distracted by one perspective of a future doesn’t yet exist.

And they also happen when you’re stuck thinking of your experience.


Most of us like to complicate things more than we need to.

When I talk about using innate wisdom to deal with issues, I see people struggle with that concept.

We have trained ourselves to always expect the sledgehammer of willpower and motivation.

But why struggle and cause chaos when you could use your path of least resistance?

Your innate wisdom is hard-wired into you.

It is your default nature.

And It is something that comes naturally to you when you ALLOW it.

You don’t need to think too hard or force it into being.

It already is.


Self-Doubt comes when you “think” (there’s that word again) that you’ll need something more than what you already have to get the job done.

But I’m here to tell you that what you have, is capable of getting the job done.

You’ve only been innocently looking in the wrong direction for the solutions that you seek.

Because life is always from the inside-out and not the other way around – NO exceptions.

Don’t take my word for it.

Give yourself an experiment.

The next time you feel self-doubt, tell yourself the following:

The only thing that exists is THIS moment.

Everything else is just a thought and it can change

If I show up to THIS moment and engage with it using my common sense,

And If I keep moving in the direction of my desired result…

I will know what to do.

The next step will show itself until I get to my destination.


That’s it.


A word of caution:

Most of us believe that working with our innate intelligence means that everything in life will be certain.

We believe that we’re guaranteed everything we want.



What it means is, you’ll never run out of steps to take.

You’ll always know what the next step is.

And more often than not, things WILL work out.

Maybe not in the way that you might expect, but they will work out.

Because when you’re working with your innate wisdom, you will ALWAYS have solutions.

That is 100% guaranteed BUT how those solutions come is what is 98% uncertain.

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