Setting Life Goals: 3 Steps For How To Create A Vision Aligned To Your True Self

Is distraction or doubt stopping you from getting what you want rather than what you "think" is available?


I think we can all agree that when it comes to setting life goals that align to WHO you are:

Creating what you want and seeing it come to life is magical. 

And when you can do it with ease, that’s when you can slap an S on your chest.

Because you become unstoppable.

And today, I have something that will make you feel like you’re you have super powers:

3 insanely painless steps for setting life goals aligned to your authentic self.

Let’s get started.


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Setting personal goals in life and creating things we want is not as complicated as most of us like to make it.

A majority of us don’t create the life we want not because we don’t want to, but because we’re not clear on what we want.

It’s true.

9 times out of 10 most of us know what we DON’T want.

We can write a 3 part saga about what we don’t want and what is going wrong in our lives.

But when it comes to getting crystal clear about what we want, we muddy the water.

Here's a question to ask yourself when setting life goals:

"What Do I Want?"


Err…that’s it.

It’s not rocket science.

As I said, we complicate things more than we need to.

We want to have a list of 40 questions that help us “dig deep” to discover ourselves.


But the truth is,

When you know what you don’t want, you ALWAYS get a sense of what you DO want.

You only talk yourself out it by throwing a lot of mindset issues against it.

This leads you you settle for less than what you want.

And you take yourself out of the game before you’ve even started.

You'll Be Surprised At The Number Of People That Don't Have a Clear Idea Of What They Want.

There is no need to have all the details at the start. You only need to know what you want and OWN it.

You have to own that desire, there’s no point in being half-assed about it.


The act of owning up to that desire is like “booking” your ticket for a future flight or holiday.

Booking your ticket doesn’t mean you’ve already got your bags packed. It means you’re committing to taking the journey.

It means that everything you do from that moment on moves you towards the day you have to get on the plane.

That’s what owning your desire means. 

It means that you accept that it is a journey that you’re going to take.

Once you get to this point, you’re finally ready to start creating the vision that aligns with you and that life goal.


Here are 3 quick and painless steps that will help you create a new vision that aligns with WHO you are. These will also help you align with what you want not what you think is available.

Step ONE: To Get True Alignment With yourself, Ask “Why Not?" ...Rather Than "Is it possible?"

As I’ve said before, we take ourselves out of the game or we don’t even start the game because we doubt that it is possible.

And, we filter every desire we want by judging it based on our intellect and current ability.


But what we forget is that we already have a resource that makes all things possible.

That resource is your innate wisdom.

It is WHO you are and it is your default factory setting.

When you’re not getting in your way with intellect and logic, your innate wisdom lays the quickest path to get you to your destination.

But, you have to tell it where you want to go first.


It’s like having a GPS.

If you don’t input the destination, you cannot get there.

So your challenge in this first step is taking you back to what I said above, ask yourself what you do want.

The answer to this question is what gets your innate wisdom mapping out the journey for you.


Step out of the way and forget about what you think it is possible or not.

Make it a game and ask yourself “why not?”

For every thought that comes up, ask yourself “why not?”

After all, your intellect is not the only one that will come up with solutions on how to get there.


Trust your innate intelligence.

Give it a chance to surprise you.

Write down as many things that make you giggle, gasp or hold your breath.

Don’t censor yourself. 

Forget about the HOW at the moment, focus on WHAT you want.

That is what creating alignment with yourself is about.


Things that you never believe are possible come to life because you allow them to do so. They come when you learn how to trust yourself.

They come to life when you trust that there is ALWAYS a path of least resistance to get you there.

Step TWO: Tease and Flirt before you Commit and Engage to break down the fear

So now you know what you want but you also know things will change as you move in the direction of your destination.

That’s the way life works. Sometimes, what we want isn’t as “hot” as we believe.


We’ve all been at that place where we’ve over-hyped something in our minds.

We tell ourselves how that thing is the answer to life as we know it, then it turns out to be blah.

That’s because what we “think” is never what that true situation is.

It is simply a story that we tell ourselves about whatever situation we’re facing.


Here’s a simple way to burst the myth:

Test the waters first.

Go on a date with your desire or vision and see if it is what lights you up.


You don’t have to get married to it from the start, you can go on a few dates and test it out.

What causes apprehension for most people is the fear of things not working out.

The fear that they’ll commit to this big impossible dream and it won’t work out the way they wanted.

So they take themselves out of the game now to avoid future pain.


But here’s the thing:

To start and finish any big project or achieve huge goals with ease, taking small steps helps a lot.


The more you show up to it in little doses rather than trying to eat the whole pie, you’ll break down the fear of it in your mind.

 It will also be easier to see how it can and will work out in your life. 

Putting more of yourself in the game gets easier as well. 


If you like the little doses, you can keep taking those baby steps and going back for more and more and more.

Until you find yourself engaged and committed.

Step THREE: Over-estimate the time it takes to make the journey painless for you.

One thing that keeps people out of the game is they under-estimate the time it takes to create something.

This means they end up feeling stressed and strung out when they decide to chase and strive for what they “think” they want.

And when they don’t see results, they give up.

They give up too soon.

As you set your new vision for your life, understand that everything has a pattern to it. The problem will only come when you don’t let yourself pay attention to those patterns.

Like creating and giving birth to a child takes nine months, understand that your life goal will need time to take shape.

The more you show up to it and engage with it, the more it will open itself up to you.

You start feeling desperate when you under-estimate how long it will take to create it.

Rather than see it as a goal that you must meet at all costs, see it as a project that you’re working on.

See it as something you show up to when the opportunity presents itself. And when you’re done, you get back to your normal life and enjoy that as well.

Sooner or later, you’ll find that your “project” will transition into your life without you having to force it.

You’ll also feel less strung out and desperate about it.


But it all starts with you understanding that it will take time. And you give it time by allowing the vision to become a project and not a goal.

A Final Word On Setting Life Goals

Creating outcomes in our lives are not as complicated as we like to make it.

At the end of the day, it’s always about finding ways to show up, engage and enjoy whatever process we choose to use.

It’s about giving ourselves permission to say:“why not?” instead of taking ourselves out of the game.

And it’s about giving it shot even when we ’re not sure anything could come of it.

The more you keep giving yourself permission to put yourself in the game, the greater your chances are of creating a life well lived.

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