How To Start Showing Up For Life To Create Bigger Success.

Showing up for life begins when you stop trying to turn everything into something meaningful or productive. When you do, you discover something bigger...


Want to discover how to show up for life and show up for yourself?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today, I’m going to share one simple shift in perspective that will change how you show up for yourself at any time.

And the best part?

There’s nothing you have to physically do; it only requires an internal shift.

Let’s get started.

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Our Default Nature Is To Be Slow And Still.

When I go on Pinterest and Instagram, there are a lot of posts sharing strategies for “slow living.”

Slow living is now seen as a lifestyle.

It’s seen as something that we have to aspire to or “make happen” as we have learned to do with other things in our lives.

And some of these strategies always seem like they require a lot of hard work just to create a feeling of slowing down.


But there is a fundamental thing that we miss when we take this route and that is:

Being still and slow is part of our default nature.

One of the benefits of this inside-out understanding of life is that life slows down.

As you keep looking at it, you’ll notice that your life is slowing down without you having to DO anything to make it so.

Things unfold in natural way.


Stillness is what is innate in us and momentum is what we create to take ourselves out of that default.

When we’re not chasing things that we assume are vital to us, we fall back to our default state of stillness.

So, slow living is not a lifestyle but WHO we are at our core. 

And it comes through when we allow it.


Slowing down comes through when we stop trying to turn everything in our lives into something “meaningful” or “productive.”


Life Is Not A Journey; There Is Nowhere To Get To.

Here’s a question that I most often ask myself and people around me:

How different would you approach your life if you saw that there’s nothing more you need to add to be happy and well?


A majority of people are always trying to add meaning to everything.

We make everything into a self-development project.

And these projects are designed to create wellbeing even though wellbeing is innate in us.

So we keep chasing it, and we convince ourselves that the act of chasing, adding meaning and defining it is a good thing.

Because it means we’re “moving” towards something we want.


It’s almost as though the movement is what is natural to us and staying still is a skill we have to learn.

One major example of this idea of movement is the cultural myth that : 

Life is a journey.

This saying has become so much part of our cultural mythology. 

We forget it’s simply a metaphor that we use to counterbalance our unyielding focus on goals and targets.

The idea behind life being a journey is that we’re so obsessed with where we’re going that we need to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses along the way.


But here’s what I see as I fall back into my default of slow and stillness:

Life is not a journey. It just is.

And when we stop trying to add meaning to everything or make everything productive, we discover something even more powerful:

That there’s nowhere for you to get to. You’re just here.

This insight tends to freak people out. 

Heck, it freaked me out for so many reasons when I first caught a glimpse of it.

But here’s the thing:

As you relax into this knowing that there’s nowhere to get to, 

…You’ll start seeing the freedom that comes with letting go of the addiction to destinations and the need to “be on a journey.’

There is nowhere you “need” to travel to because your wellbeing was never at that destination.

The Less You Feel The Need To Give Everything Meaning, The Easier Showing Up To Life Becomes.

You don’t need to be on a journey, because there was never really any journey in the first place.

What happens is that we make up what these destinations mean to us and set up the parameters.

And then we insert ourselves into it and the chase begins.

We tell ourselves that our wellbeing and happiness rests on us reaching the destination.

But the destination is always changing, so we never really get there.

If we can permit ourselves to see that there is no need to be on a journey, that’s when the magic begins to unfold.

But this where people get stuck.

They assume not being on a journey means that they’ll stay where they are forever.

That is not true.


What this simple but powerful insight means is that you can upgrade your job, car, finances, body, relationships and much more at any time you choose.

But you’ll do so because you WANT to not because you believe you have to or assume you should.


The only time we tend to do things we believe we have to or assume we should is when we assume our wellbeing comes with it.

But your wellbeing is not linked to upgrades you choose to make in your life.

These upgrades are just better ways of doing things.

That’s it!

This insight is the key to if the experience in the upgrades you create will be steeped in wellbeing or fraught with constant dissatisfaction. 


From personal experience, I can tell you that from this insight, I have created more in the last 3 years than in the 10 years before that.

And most often, these results haven’t felt like a big deal, just better ways of doing things.

Final Word On Showing Up To Life To Create Bigger Success.

As we end the conversation of showing up to life, I’ll leave you with this:

The less you fall into the habit of making everything into a journey where your wellbeing is the prize that comes disguised as the end destination,

…The more quiet, calm and peaceful your life becomes even as you create extraordinary result and outcomes.


You will create amazing things in your life but it won’t be as big a deal as you have made them seem in the past.

And most importantly, your life won’t always feel like it’s hanging in the balance unless you travel to an ever-changing end destination.

And at the end of the day, that’s what we want, isn’t it?


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