Quantum Leaps:How To Consistently Own Your Results & Super-Charge Your Manifesting Process

Supercharging your manifesting starts with owning all ALL that you are.


A quantum leap is simply super-charging your manifesting results and putting in on steroids – so to speak.

It is how to take your life now and shift it rapidly into a new reality.
When it comes to super-charge manifesting most of us think that we have to wait for certain things.

And the bigger the things we want seem to us, the more time we think it needs to come to us.

Today I’ll share two basic principles for creating quantum leaps and pressing the fast forward button to the good stuff.

Let’s get started.

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portrait of woman with text overlay - How To Quantum Leap & Become The Person You Really Want To Be. Are You Holding Yourself Back? Discover Two Key Universal Principles Behind Owning And Super-Charge Your Results

For Quantum Leaps To Occur, You Have To Be 100% "bought-in" To The Things You Say You Want.

It’s that time of the year and there are so many intentions and goals being set.

Intentions and goals that I know will not be met for a lot of folks.

Simply because we ignore key universal laws that rule the time and space that we exist in.

I’m going to share two of those laws with you today:

They are the law of correspondence and the law of vibration.

The law of correspondence simply says that:  your reality reflects your innermost world.

What goes on outside is a mirror of what is going on inside. Your most dominant thought is always what is reflected.


If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you’ll know that I’m all about THOUGHT energy.

I’m all about getting you to see the nature of THOUGHT and understand how we create our realities with this energy.

To understand that THOUGHT is not something that we control but it is something that we ALLOW.


The law of correspondence is what cements this and shows you that you can have as many goals and intentions as you might like…

But if you keep holding on to thought energy that doesn’t serve you, then you will always get a mirror of that dominant energy that you’re holding on to at the moment.

Your thought energy is your frequency.


You can bang on about wanting to earn $10k a month for this new year, a new and healthy body, better relationship….

 But if the dominant thought energy that you hold on to is:

“yeah but….”

“I’m not sure…”

“I need to do xyzzy first…”

“I don’t think…”

You can forget that goal and intention.

At best, things will stay the same or at the other end of the scale, they’ll get worse.

And this is because what’s going on inside is indecision.

You’re still not 100% “bought-into” that intention.

But what happens above must be the same as below.

Inside equals outside.


It’s the law

For Quantum Leaps to occur and the things you want to arrive as quickly as possible , you have to  be 100% “bought-in” to the things you say you want.

What if The Thing You Want Doesn't Depend On The Conditions That You Set For It?

Quantum leaps and super-charging your manifesting results using the law of correspondence means stepping beyond the prescribed path.

Stepping beyond what you think SHOULD happen before you can get that desire.

A lot of us have been conditioned to think that we need to “earn” everything we want.

And that conditioning is what is blocking the manifesting results that you crave.

You’ve been conditioned your entire life to think you need to crawl before you can walk.

That you need to make a little money before you can make a lot.

That you need to date for a while before you can get serious.


But what if the thing that you really, truly want didn’t doesn’t depend those conditions?

What if you could just wake up tomorrow and have exactly what you want: the healthy body? The wonderful relationship? The fat bank account?

Whenever you use the word “should” in relation to your desire, you’re automatically narrowing the path of your desire.

You’re automatically standing in way of the shift in reality that you crave.

Because the law of correspondence MUST play out.


This leads us neatly to the second law:  The law of vibration.

"How you consistently show up is what determines the outcome that you get."

Most people get all up in their heads about what “vibration” and “frequency” means.

Here’s how I talk about it in the practical creativity program:

The law of vibration states that:

“Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything vibrates.”

The whole universe is in vibration. It never stands still. Everything is moving at different frequencies. Science has confirmed this.

Science confirms that everything in the Universe, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Because of this, only two things that are alike will attract each other. 

 I like taking things down further to their basic element.

So let’s look at the definition of Vibration:

“..to shake slightly and quickly, or to cause something to do this, in a way that is felt rather than seen or heard

— Cambridge Dictionary

And frequency in this context:

 is like tuning into a radio station or channel with a particular vibration.


In simple terms:

Energy can never be created or destroyed.

It can only be transformed.

Energy is transformed at different vibrations.

You feel these vibrations based on how tuned in you are to it.

We’re all using energy at different speeds and the things that we want are doing the same as well.

We can only catch up to those things if we begin to match their frequency.


So back to my example of setting an intention to make $10K a month.

Now, you’ve set this intention to manifest and create this lovely thing.

But then your energy frequency is all about scrounging for FREE information to help you do that – especially when you have no clue of what you’re doing.


Here’s where your vibration and frequency don’t match up to your intention:

You’re walking around treating everyone like a public library whilst expecting everyone else to treat you like a book store.

You cannot get what you do not give.

If you think people are good enough to only scrounge FREE stuff from but not good enough to spend with…

How then do you expect other people to see you as good enough to invest their money with?

If your dominant energy is all about getting FREE stuff, the laws of correspondence and vibration will ensure that FREE is what you get back.

Am I saying that you have to throw money at everything?



But what I am saying is:

If you’re so resistant to ALLOW money (which is also energy) to flow through you…how will it freely flow from others to you?


Likewise, if you have a problem in receiving from people…

You’re constantly on the “giving” end of the scale but feel uncomfortable in receiving.

There is also a vibrational mismatch.

How many times have you found yourself brushing off a simple compliment that paid to you?

Do you find yourself arguing with someone who offers to pay the bill?

You feel like you have to pay them back because they showed appreciation for your company by paying the bill?

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that you cannot charge a certain amount of money because you need to prove yourself first?

All of these point to vibrational mismatch of what you say you want.


Just as you have to give what you expect, you also have to permit yourself to receive with grace.

You have to understand that quantum leaps do not happen linearly.

It’s not about whether you deserve to have what you want or not.

It’s always about the universal laws that you permit yourself to embrace.


Final Word On Quantum Leaps...

I’ll end this conversation by saying:

Everything around is connected.

Nothing happens in isolation

Things are not as complicated as we like to make it.

It only always requires a little shift to see something different about everything.

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