the Synergy Sessions

” Synergy : the increased effectiveness that results when two or more work together” – Miriam Webster Dictionary


The true aim of the synergy sessions is to get you on the path to working better with YOURSELF. 

My aim, is to create the safe space with our conversations that will allow you to start trusting yourself and the insights that you WILL get from that synergy. This will in turn bring the effectiveness that is a natural result of that relationship.


Someone once said this to me:

“I always come to you thinking the problem is too big. 

And then you say to me : what is it that you really want from this situation? and then you break everything down and say a bunch of stuff and then a light bulb comes on and I suddenly feel so calm and can’t understand what all the fuss was about?”


The synergy sessions are designed to give you that quick and fast relief that you need from the fog and noise in your head. They allow us to deep dive into any niggling drama or ongoing situations in your life. They are designed to help you quickly get the answers you need to move forward. 

The synergy sessions are perfect if you

  • need an outside eye to take a fresh look at your career, business, project and / or life.
  • want to brainstorm ideas and possibilities about a new goal, project, challenge or problem
  • want to get more comfortable with being in your own skin and falling in love with your life – even when you don’t have any concrete plans in place and you feel that life is happening TO you rather than you navigating it.
  • want to move away from niggling anxiety and worry over a particular issue.
  • want to start creating consistently from inside out. (because that’s what manifesting really is)
  • want a mini intensive on inside-out living and how to apply it practically in your day to day life.

How it works...

  • Synergy sessions last 3-4 hours.
  • All sessions via phone or video conferencing unless otherwise. You’ll receive an email with all the details once your booking is confirmed.
  • You also get a follow up email session to check in and make sure you’re still on track with your new project plan
  • You may email me anything you would like me to read, listen to, or watch before our conversation.
  • But please ensure that this is done at lease 2-3 days before the session to ensure that I have enough time to go through it.

Cancellation Policy are as follows:

  • If you cancel you session 2 weeks or more before your session, You can get a full refund or reschedule.
  • If you cancel 48 – 2 weeks. You can reschedule within the following 6 months but NO refunds.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours. No refund or rescheduling opportunities.

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