The Synergy Sessions

Deep Dive Private Coaching Sessions

Synergy :
the increased effectiveness that results when two or more work together.
- Miriam Webster Dictionary

The true aim of the synergy sessions is to get you on the path to working better with YOURSELF

My aim, is to create the safe space with our conversations that will allow you to start trusting yourself and the insights that you WILL get from that synergy.

This will in turn bring the effectiveness that is a natural result of that relationship.

Someone once said this to me:

“I always come to you thinking the problem is too big. 

And then you say to me :

“what is it that you really want from this situation?

… then, you break everything down and say a bunch of stuff.

A light bulb comes on and I suddenly feel so calm and can’t understand what all the fuss was about?”

I’d like to to think that we do a little but more than that in these sessions 🙂

But the truth is:

There’s nothing new I have to teach you, so that’s not what these sessions are about.

But there’s ALWAYS something new to see about WHO you are and the space from which you can create fresh possibilities and ideas for yourself.

In all the work that I do, this is still the one that I enjoy doing the most.

Sitting down and just having a conversation. for a couple of hours.

Cutting to the heart of the matter, sparking new insights and creative possibilities.

I designed the synergy sessions as a vehicle to help you get to the heart of whatever it is causing drama and to help you see fresh possibilities and a way forward with it.

I’m not going to sell you on anything here neither am I going to try to overcome any objections.

That’s not what this is about.


Because you’ve heard it and seen it all before. You’ve probably bought into it as well. And if you’re here, it obviously didn’t get you where you wanted to be.

Here’s why all that doesn’t work even if the person selling it to you believes in it.

…It’s their truth, not yours.

If you’re on this page, you already have an inkling that you want to move in a different direction.

And I’m here to help you do just that.

 Over the phone or in person. We’ll spend an afternoon together.

You’ll leave with fresh insight, new possibilities and a renewed sense of stability and confidence. 

And above all, you’ll fall more deeply in love with yourself and your life.

There is zero reason for you not to be totally aligned and creating from that space within.

All it takes is just an INSIGHT.
Insight is what creates change.
Insight is what opens up the path
Insight comes from your soul

And The Synergy Sessions (heck, everything I do in my business) is all about getting you to slow down and look in the direction of WHO you are. So you can speed up in the most unexpected but wonderful ways.

It is not about “step by step” or “fill in the blank” processes over here.

It’s about learning how to guide yourself back daily into total alignment with your soul, your innate intelligence, your truth and working with inspired action.

It's about living from the inside-out

Are you ready to move away from feeling stuck to feeling energized and creating results with effortless ease?


What Will This Cost Me?

The synergy sessions are perfect for you if

  • need an outside eye to take a fresh look at your career, business, project and / or life.
  • want to brainstorm ideas and possibilities about a new goal, project, challenge or problem
  • want to get more comfortable with being in your own skin and falling in love with your life – even when you don’t have any concrete plans in place and you feel that life is happening TO you rather than you navigating it.
  • want to move away from niggling anxiety and worry over a particular issue.want to start creating consistently from inside out. (because that’s what manifesting really is)
  • want a mini intensive on inside-out living and how to apply it practically in your day to day life.

sessions last 2-3 hours, cost $1500 and bookable using the button below pending availability.

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