Things Not Going Well?… One Thing To Remember.

When things aren't going okay, it's usually because you already have an idea of how things MUST be and anything not conforming to that is considered a problem.


When things aren’t going well, there is tendency most of us have to do a life audit.

We want to dive into every part of our lives including our pasts to find out why we’re stuck and not moving as quickly as we “think” we should.

But sometimes when things aren’t going well, it’s simply because you’re looking at the situation in a problematic way.

So today,I’m going share a simple insight on how to look at “obstacles” with an inside-out approach.

Once you’re able to see this, it gets a lot easier to switch what you perceive as obstacles into stepping stones.

So you’re moving forward and recognising your true role in the creative process.

Let’s get started.


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Standing still is also part of the process.

 The last few months, I’ve felt like I’m standing still in some areas of my life.

Like things aren’t going well and life isn’t going the way I want it to.

I know it has more to do with my thinking than reality.

It has more to do with me having an idea of how I want things to be and identifying things that are standing in the way of that.

But even though it’s my thinking causing this, It’s a weird place to be.


My habitual reaction is to push harder and tell myself that the reason why there is no movement is that I’m not doing enough.

Yet, some deeper instinct has also been flowing in and telling me that this holding space – so to speak, is my default.

Everything is as it should be.

The more you look at this, the more you see the truth in this simple insight.


It’s very difficult to stand still when everything around you seems to be moving.

When everything around you seems to pulse and vibrate with life, it’s easy to perceive non-movement in certain areas of your life as stagnation.

But that is not the case; that’s just you looking at things in a problematic way.

What I’m coming to see about this period of stasis is :

 It’s nothing new.

You’ve experienced it before and you will experience it again.

Because it is part of the process.

It is part of the cycle.

The sooner you learn to rest in your still periods, the quicker you'll be able to see something different about your current struggle.

If you look back over the years of your life, you’ll see that there have always been periods where things have slowed down and remained at a certain easy vibration.

Those periods become challenging for a majority of us because we “think” that they have to be more than they are.

We have so many ideas and opinions of what this stasis period should be like and how long it should last.

And we struggle to simply rest in it.


We struggle to see it as a natural part of the process so we make it into a problem that needs to be solved.

A lot of us see this stasis period as the roadblock to getting where we want to go.

And it is seen as something we have to “overcome” as quickly as possible.


But when you choose to see this period as your default, things begin to change.

When you choose to see it as the default space you fall back to after periods of movement, it’s not so scary to experience it anymore.

Because it is a natural part of the process and everything is as it should be.


Here’s something else to keep in mind:

The stasis period doesn’t care about your opinions.

It doesn’t care how relevant you think you are; whether you think it is fair or not that you’re experiencing it and if you like experiencing it or not.

Your default state of rest is what it is and it will take as long as it does.


The sooner you learn to rest in this state, the quicker you begin to see that the human experience is one long unfolding process that blends into each other.

And the stasis period is what ends old creative processes and starts new ones.

Your job is to rest in it and experience it with detachment.

Find Word On What To Remember When Things Aren't Going Well.

As we end this short conversation I’ll leave you with this:

If you’re struggling and feeling like things aren’t going well; and if you’re telling yourself that you need to do more, you probably do.

But not in the way you think.

You need to allow yourself not to have an opinion of this period of “nothing” and rest in it.


This period of  “nothing’ doesn’t say or mean anything about you, so there’s nothing you need to prove to yourself or about yourself.

So go ahead and rest in it so that you can rest in life.

Do it so that you can rest in who you truly are – the space inside of which all life unfolds.

And as you rest, your next creative process will present itself to you.


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