One Powerful Insight For How To Deal With Unexpected Events

Unexpected events are nothing to be afraid of. You always have everything you need to stir your ship back on course as quickly as possible ...but only if you allow it to happen.


How to deal with unexpected events begins with how you frame the situation.

Today, I’m going to share a simple inside out way of approaching surprises that crop up in our lives from time to time.

And you can adapt and move on quickly from them to keep creating more of what you want to see in your life.

Let’s get started.

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portrait of woman with text overlay - get back on track. Life on hold? Discover the secret to moving forward. One powerful insight on how to deal with unexpected events.

Your unceasing focus on unwanted and unexpected events only makes you an expert on those types of events.

Here’s what I see about surprises and unexpected life circumstances.

For the most part, events in our lives unfold in ways that are favourable to us.

But sometimes, we’ll get those events that unfold in wonky and crazy ways that freak us out.

And these wonky events seem to be what a majority of us spend so much time trying to “think” of ways to avoid.

It’s like we spend all our time doing everything we can to try to avoid some hypothetical future pain.


So, you hear people say:

“I want to do X so that Y won’t happen”


Every time I talk to people, there’s a pattern that always comes up.

They want to tell me what they don’t want, what could go wrong and what they’re trying to prevent or stop from happening in their lives.

But they never get round to telling me in a clear and concise manner, what they do want.

And it seems to me that in most of these cases, the fear of “unwanted events” is greater than the desire of “wanted outcomes.”


What a majority of us don’t realise is that your focus on the ‘unwanted and unexpected” simply makes you an expert on these topics.

It doesn’t make the journey to your desired destination any clearer or easier, it only makes you an expert on what you don’t want to see in your life.


But here’s the thing about how to deal with unexpected events:

You'll always know what to do to stir your ship back to the course you want it to. No matter what is happening, you'll always know what to do.

These surprises and unexpected life situations are simply events that unfold and sometimes are not in your control.

And you have to be okay with that fact.

Because once you do, you’ll move on the next fact that always holds true and that is…

And these events unfold, you’ll always know what to do to stir your ship back to the course you want it to.


No matter what is happening, you’ll always know what to do.

I know it doesn’t seem that way – especially when it seems like the walls are closing in.

But it’s the way we’re wired as human beings.


If you can allow yourself to settle down in your mind, you’ll see that the next step is always revealing itself to you.

No matter what is happening – expected or unexpected.

That’s your innate wisdom at work.

It is an unchangeable part of you that is always delivering without any effort required.

There's no need to be afraid of unexpected events and there's no need to try to think up ways of preventing them.

Because 9 times out of 10, your mind always creates “inaccurate assumptions” about them anyway.

So it’s a waste of energy and mind space to think up solutions to hypothetical events based on inaccurate assumptions.


Here’s what you could do instead:

Focus on the solution and the end game.

What do you want to see more of?

Keep asking yourself:

“What do I want and what is the end game?”


And in the case that a surprise or unexpected situation does happen, ask the same question:

 “what do I want and what is the solution to this issue?”

That is all.


The mistake a lot of us make is that we get stuck in the blame game when things go wonky.

“It was XYZ’s fault”

“because this happened it means _____ about me and it says ________ about me”


And on and on it goes.

All of these are just useless background stories that don’t get you closer to your destination.

Final word on how to deal with unexpected events...

Regardless of what event is unfolding, if you can just allow yourself to focus on what you want from the situation and the end game, you’ll find that the situation corrects itself pretty quickly.

You’re not as stuck as you think.

But you’re simply focusing in the wrong direction and that is what causes the drama to last longer than it needs to.


So, as I sign off, here’s to focusing on your endgame and allowing your mind to settle down enough to create space for solutions to come through with ease.

Unexpected events are nothing to be afraid.

You have everything you need to stir your ship back on course as quickly as possible …

But, you have to allow it to happen.

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portrait of woman in garden with text overlay - How To Deal With The Unexpected. Discover how to trust yourself and your intuition to make better, smarter and faster decisions - no matter what is happening around you.
portrait of woman with text overlay - Deal with uncertainty. Life on hold? Discover the secret of moving forward. How to trust yourself to make better, faster and smarter decisions with ease.

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