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1 : 1 Private Mentoring

You, feeling CLEAR, CALM and peaceful.
Creating the life you truly WANT...Intuitively, Authentically & Joyfully


Someone once said this to me:

“I always come to you thinking the problem is too big. And then you say to me :

“what is it that you really want from this situation? 

 Then, you break everything down and say a bunch of stuff.  A light bulb comes on and I suddenly feel so calm and can’t understand what all the fuss was about.”



I’d like to to think that we do a little bit more than that in these sessions 🙂

But the truth is:

There’s nothing new I have to teach you, so that’s not what these sessions are about.

But there’s ALWAYS something new to see about WHO you are and the space from which you can create fresh possibilities and ideas for yourself.


In all the work that I do, this is still the one that I enjoy doing the most.

Sitting down and just having a conversation.

Cutting to the heart of the matter, sparking new insights and creative possibilities.

It's about living from the inside-out


I believe that YOU are your best guide.

The answers you are looking for are inside of you. And I’m here to hold space for you to find those answers.

My job is simply to ask the right questions so you can look at the areas of your heart that you might otherwise miss, and I’ll hold space for you to process what we find there.

Sometimes that looks like me listening as you share your view of the world.

At times, I’ll reflect YOU back to YOU as I see your innate gifts and goodness.

And other times I’ll offer strategies and solutions, so YOUR intuition can respond.

The only thing required for these sessions is:

Bring your biggest dream or your biggest fear and we’ll handle them. For good.

I would love to support you on your journey to living your design.

There are 2 options start working with me: Coaching Packages Or Single One-Off Sessions. Get more details of both options below.

Coaching packages

Clients who opt for coaching packages are people who are up to something in the world and re-inventing themselves in the process.

They have a genuine desire to be a force for good to themselves in particular and to the world in general.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your world; To connect with ALL of you and create impact from that space within, click the contact button below and let’s have a chat.

Fees begin from $2500 and last from a minimum of 1 month to 1 year.

Kathryn Tilbury

Elizabeth helped me channel my passion and what I am good at into a legitimate working business. She has been the catalyst for a huge shift in the way I think about my business and she has given me not only a solid structure to move forward but also the confidence to do it.

Caroline Goyder

Elizabeth’s clear-thinking, no-nonsense advice is brilliant. She is concise, expert and creative and helps you clarify your thinking and get the result you want, fast. Highly recommended!

Caroline Carter

Elizabeth helped me focus on who I am, and what my business is. Not only has my knowledge improved drastically, she has helped me organise my whole life! Setting aside time for working on my business not in my business and taking time out to recuperate and enjoy other aspects of my life.​

single sessions

Single sessions are for those that need a creative spark, an intuitive nudge or insightful exploration.

Most people that come into my space usually find after a short while, that they have questions. They need clarity, answers and guidance on how to make what they’re discovering more practical and relevant. That’s what the single sessions are there for.

They take you deeper, quickly.

Hit a roadblock?

Come with your question and over the course of 2-3 emails (or a 60 minute conversation) we will explore. We’ll discover creative solutions, spark insights and new possibilities.  

You will leave with a fresh insight, a renewed sense of possibility and above all, a deeper sense of love for your life in particular and your world in general.

A session lasts over 2-3 emails and costs $297


  • Why email?

Email coaching is an ideal option if you’d like to work with me, but have scheduling constraints plus, I find that it’s my preferred mode of communication. I’ve got a voice made for text 🙂

However, I’m also happy to hop on a voice call if clients prefer that mode of communication instead.


  • If sessions are via email, why aren’t they cheaper?

Well, the thought of price and money is relative but, what I can definitely say is that, you’re not paying for the mode of communication. Instead, you’re investing in the value you get from what is communicated.

If you do find value in the insights and solution you seek, then everything else is open to what feels in alignment with you.

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