Deep Dive

The Synergy Sessions

1 : 1 Private Mentoring

You, feeling CLEAR, CALM and peaceful.
Creating the life you truly WANT...Intuitively, Authentically & Joyfully


Someone once said this to me:

“I always come to you thinking the problem is too big. And then you say to me :

“what is it that you really want from this situation? … then, you break everything down and say a bunch of stuff.  A light bulb comes on and I suddenly feel so calm and can’t understand what all the fuss was about.”


I’d like to to think that we do a little bit more than that in these sessions 🙂

But the truth is:

There’s nothing new I have to teach you, so that’s not what these sessions are about.

But there’s ALWAYS something new to see about WHO you are and the space from which you can create fresh possibilities and ideas for yourself.

In all the work that I do, this is still the one that I enjoy doing the most.

Sitting down and just having a conversation. for a couple of hours.

Cutting to the heart of the matter, sparking new insights and creative possibilities.

It's about living from the inside-out


I believe that YOU are your best guide.

The answers you are looking for are inside of you. And I’m here to hold space for you to find those answers.


Using my intuitive gifts and in some cases, your Human Design chart, I’ll ask the right questions so you can look at the areas of your heart that you might otherwise miss, and I’ll hold space for you to process what we find there.

Sometimes that looks like me listening as you share your view of the world.

At times, I’ll reflect YOU back to YOU as I see your innate gifts and goodness.

And other times I’ll offer strategies and solutions, so YOUR intuition can respond.


The only thing required for these sessions is:

Bring your biggest dream or your biggest fear and we’ll handle them. For good.

I would love to support you on your journey to living your design.

Money, business, and self-knowledge are my jam.

Most client starts with a one-time intuitive guidance session. From there, you will have the option to book ongoing sessions with me at a bundled price

Specific ways i'm able to support you

  • Contemplating what it means to live from inside out in business and life

  • Finding clarity when facing significant business or life decisions

  • Healing your relationships with money

  • Finding the balance between work and rest

  • Tuning into WHO you are to discover what you truly desire

  • Making decisions as yourself and for yourself

  • Learning to love and value yourself

  • Building your capacity, so you can step into a new role in business or life

your investment:

 60 minutes session via phone or facetime / $475

 A set of 3 sessions via email / $475


  • Email coaching is an ideal option if you’d like to work with me, but have scheduling or budget constraints.

  • Advantages of Email Coaching:

– Up to three email replies per session, Monday-Friday

– Personal responses from me within 24-48 hours

– Affordable alternative to phone and in-person coaching

– Email when it is convenient for you; no need to schedule an appointment

  • To discuss options for on-going sessions over a longer period, contact me here

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